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Polly McGee

Polly McGee

Dr Polly McGee is an author, digital strategist, leadership facilitator and distruptor-for-good. With over a decade working in innovation and commercialisation in public, university and private sector roles and leadership program design and delivery for diverse businesses, Polly has a strong background in combining coaching, facilitating, teaching, curriculum design and content authoring to create the business cultures of the future.

Polly is a sought after speaker and MC, bringing her skills in interviewing and listening with empathy and humour to stages large and small. Author of ‘The Good Hustle’, a blueprint for building ethical, values driven, for purpose business models that are profitable and sustainable, Polly writes at the intersection of mind, leadership and spirituality. She is passionate about inspiring curious, resilient, well rounded humans through wholeheartedly incorporating growth mindset, values, mindfulness, 21C skills and social, ethical and emotional learning into all aspects of our lives. Polly is an experienced board member, with a focus on commercialisation and business development in for-profit, for-purpose businesses.

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