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Connecting through language, literacy and love.

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Connect42 (formerly Chatter Matters) is a purpose driven not-for-profit organisation that works with people to build their communication skills so they can live whole lives in connection with others.

Connecting through language, literacy and love.

Honouring our wonderful outgoing Governor, Her Excellency Professor the Honourable Kate Warner AC, our Rosie has a lovely piece in the Mercury’s TasWeekend Magazine – grab yourself a copy.

In the column, Rosie mentions some of the work Her Excellency has been involved in as Connect42’s much-loved Patron.

Here is a link to to the foreword that Her Excellency wrote for Connect42’s (formerly Chatter Matters Tasmania) collection of Tasmanian perspectives about literacy and collaboration. And here you will find a bit more about the Communicating: The Heart of Literacy event that followed the writings – of which Her Excellency wrote:

“It was truly inspiring. At the end of the day we were at one: unlocking
every child’s potential to learn the magic of reading is an achievable
goal and here, in our island State, we have people with the passion,
skill, drive and insights to realise this dream.”

In her column in the Mercury, Rosie also referenced a report evaluating Just Time, our in-prison parenting program. You can find that report here.

Your Excellency Just Absolutely Stunning, thank you for all you are and all you do. We wish you health and joy as you go forward in the beautiful landscapes of this Tasmania. And these include the thought-scapes you have warmly and so determinedly expanded in the time we have enjoyed the privilege of your Governorship.


This is just where we always wanted to move

Just Moving On is funded. Thank you Tasmanian Community Fund and partners!

Bringing opportunities for building language and literacy, transformation and connection, as people leave prison and return to community. Connection with children. Connection with others. Connection with employment.

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